Orphic Hymn to Dionysos


A Hymn.
Hear me, Jove's [Zeus'] son, blest Bacchus, God of wine, born of two mothers, honor'd and divine;
Lysian, Euion Bacchus, various-nam'd, of Gods the offspring secret, holy, fam'd:
Fertile and nourishing whose liberal care earth's fruits increases, flourishing and fair;
Sounding, magnanimous, Lenĉan pow'r, O various form'd, medic'nal, holy flow'r:
Mortals in thee, repose from labour find, delightful charm, desir'd by all mankind:
Fair-hair'd Euion, Bromian, joyful God, Lysian, invested with the leafy rod.
To these our rites, benignant pow'r incline, when fav'ring men, or when on Gods you shine;
Be present to thy mystic's suppliant pray'r, rejoicing come, and fruits abundant bear.
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