Orphic Hymn to Dionysos


The Fumigation from every Aromatic except Frankincense.
Terrestrial Dionysius [Dionysos Khthonios], hear my pray'r, awak'ned rise with nymphs of lovely hair:
Great Amphietus Bacchus, annual God, who laid asleep in Proserpine's [Persephone's] abode,
Did'st lull to drowsy and oblivious rest, the rites triennial, and the sacred feast;
Which rous'd again by thee, in graceful ring, thy nurses round thee mystic anthems sing;
When briskly dancing with rejoicing pow'rs, thou mov'st in concert with the circling hours.
Come, blessed, fruitful, horned, and divine, and on these rites with joyful aspect shine;
Accept the general incense and the pray'r, and make prolific holy fruits thy care.
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