Orphic Hymn to Dionysos


The Fumigation from Aromatics.
Bacchus fanatic, much-nam'd, blest, divine, bull-fac'd Lenćan, bearer of the vine;
From fire descended, raging, Nysian king, from whom initial ceremonies spring:
Liknitan Bacchus, pure and fiery bright, prudent [Eubouleos], crown-bearer, wandering in the night;
Pupil of Proserpine, mysterious pow'r, triple, ineffable, Jove's [Zeus'] secret flow'r:
Ericapćus, first-begotten nam'd, of Gods the father, and the offspring fam'd:
Bearing a sceptre, leader of the choir, whose dancing feet, fanatic Furies fire,
When the triennial band thou dost inspire.
Loud-sounding, Tages, of a fiery light, born of two mothers, Amphietus bright:
Wand'ring on mountains, cloth'd with skins of deer, Apollo, golden-ray'd, whom all revere.
God of the grape with leaves of ivy crown'd, Bassarian, lovely, virgin-like, renown'd
Come blessed pow'r, regard thy mystics voice, propitious come, and in these rites rejoice.
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